Boat Trips in Kas, kalkan and Kekova

For the visitor on holiday on the Antalya coast of Turkey, we offer a variety of boat trips in Kaş and Kalkan. In addition to our three stunning voyages, we offer four day trips, a Full Moon tour and the Dinner Dining tour, which gives you the opportunity to dine under a starlit sky as we sail.

Kaş – Kekova Tour

This is one of our boat trips to Kekova and Simena, the “sunken city.” We depart at 9.30 in the morning and enjoy tea or coffee on our sunny deck, as we sail to Yalija Bay. Those of you who enjoy fishing can use our tackle to fish for wrasse, bonito and leer fish.

One hour later, we will all be swimming in the waters of Yalija Bay. The swimmers refreshed, we depart for Aquarium Cove; a place that is as good as it sounds. Here, the snorkelers can explore the clear, blue waters filled with interesting marine life. It’s also worth mentioning that the price of your tour includes the use of snorkels and fins, masks and goggles.

Snorkelling is hungry work and, back on deck, you can tuck into a freshly prepared lunch of kebabs and Turkish mezes. Afterwards, we set sail for the Kekova islands and Simena, really the highlight of this trip. Not only is it one of the lovelier parts of the coastline, you will have the opportunity to see the ruins of the ancient Lycian city that sank into the sea after an earthquake, over 2,000 years ago.

When we are finished touring the Kekova islands, we set sail for Kaleköy or Castleville, where you can view Roman ruins and ancient sarcophagi. Later on, we visit Üçağiz Village or “the village with three mouths,” where three rivers converge.

You can see more Roman ruins in this little fishing hamlet before we sail on to Inonu Bay. Here the swimmers will have one more opportunity to get wet before we return to Kaş Harbour.

Kaş – Islands Tour

One of our very popular boat tours in Kaş and Kalkan is the Kaş – Islands tour. We depart Kaş Harbour at 9.30 am and sail for Güvercin or Pigeon Island; a journey which takes about twenty minutes. The snorkelers among you will love the bit that comes next; a stone sculpture of a shark under the water.

Here, we remind all snorkelers that you have the use of our sea scooter and our underwater camera, since no one will want to forget this part of the trip. We spend two hours here before setting sail for the Greek island of Megisti or Kastellorizo. Here, snorkelers can delight in exploring an underwater canyon.

Back on deck, you enjoy one of our superb lunches, before setting sail for Limanağzi Koyu or Harbour Mouth’s Bay. The history lovers among you will enjoy seeing and, no doubt, photographing the ancient tombs that are carved into the mountain cliffs here.

Later, we cruise to the Büyük Cakil or Big Pebble Beach and enjoy a refreshment of fruit and tea before sailing back to Kaş harbour.

Kaş – Kastellorizo (Megisti) Tour

This tour is one of our slightly different boat trips in Kaş and Kalkan. All holders of EU passports may enter the Greek island of Kastellorizo without a prearranged visa. All other nationalities, including Turkish nationals, must have a visa for this trip.

We leave at 10am and sail for twenty minutes before arriving at Meis harbour. You can enjoy a whole day on this island, visiting its little churches and going tax-free shopping in the town. You can also say “hi” to the seals that live in its Blue Caves. And we return to Kaş harbour by 6pm.

Kaş – Kaputaş Tour

This tour is one of our very popular boat trips in Kaş and Kalkan. We leave Kaş harbour at 9.30am and sail for Maradi Island, not far from Meis. After one hour’s swimming, we sail on to Kaputaş beach, one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in the world.

Here, you can catch fish and capture images before we sail on to the Mavi Magra or Blue Cave. Now, it is the turn of the snorkelers to have fun, before we sail on to Pigeon Island. If you haven’t done so already, you will want to dive in and take photos of the stone shark sculpture with our underwater camera – always available to you

Finally, we travel to Büyük Cakil or Big Pebble beach for a refreshment of fruit and tea before returning to Kaş harbour.

Why we are different

Our boat tours in Kaş and Kalkan differ from all of the others because of the service that we offer to our customers in terms of personal comfort, attention to detail and all of those extra matters that transform a satisfactory holiday into an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

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Crewed Sailing Holidays in Kas by Captain Ergun

Boat Trip Turkey is a family owned business. We don’t use expensive marketing strategies, make exaggerated claims, or offer an impersonal service. In fact, we pride ourselves on giving our customers a unique, customised cruise experience that is unparalleled in the market place; when it comes to crewed boat rental in Turkey, we believe that we’ve got the edge.

Both my wife and I are avid fans of travelling and are always excited to meet new people; first and foremost, we love making new friends and we are both adventurous souls.

My love affair with the ocean began almost a decade ago, during my studies, when I was entrusted to run the family boat during the summers between University years, largely offering private boat tours in Kas.

Upon graduating, with an economics degree, I was faced with the not so straightforward task of deciding what to do with my life. While my friends were all attracted to high paying office jobs, my summers spent running boat trips in Kas had had a deep and telling impact on my internal dialogue.

Rather than taking the traditional path into employment, I decided to follow my heart and continue to run the family boat, full time. It was a decision that I didn’t take lightly, but it’s certainly one that I feel thankful that I made, each and every day.

My wife, who also owns a Seaman’s license, shares my passion for adventure and is a valuable member of our team. Like most Turkish women, she’s an exceptional cook, who is able to create the most sumptuous of dishes, from the most basic of produce. I don’t know how the business would run without her; our boat trips in Kas just wouldn’t be the same.

My wife and I run boat trips in Kas during the summer months, spending the winters travelling the world. It’s been a long, hard road, building our business together, but we believe that our passion is what has got us this far. And we don’t intend on stopping anytime soon.

Why am I telling you this?

Hopefully, after finding out a little more about our team, you can see that, unlike other, large commercial outfits, who offer crewed sailing yacht rental in Kas, Boat Trip Turkey is run by a group of people that have real passion for what we do, and that have a deep understanding of what our guests are looking for when they book with us.

Sure, we have to make a living, but our overwhelming focus is on taking care of our guests, helping to ensure that sailing through the Turkish Riviera, with us, is one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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