10 Things To Do In Kas, Kalkan and Kekova



Every trip involves a little planning. And here is a list of attractions in Kaş and Kalkan to help you decide what to do.


  1. Sailing


A holiday in Kas and Kalkan is unthinkable without getting on board a boat. The coast of the Antalya province of Turkey is one of the most beautiful places in the world along which to sail, and you can enjoy its beaches and islands on one of our weekly voyages or daily boat trips.


  1. Fishing


Say “fishing” and the majority of people think of a middle-aged angler in muddy waders. Our tours in Kaş and Kalkan, however, will prove just how glamorous fishing can be. Our Kaş – Kekova daily trip includes a stop at Yalija Bay, where you can enjoy fishing for wrasse, bonito and leer fish; all in beautiful, golden sunshine – we even provide all the equipment you’ll ever need.


  1. Swimming and snorkelling


The clear, turquoise water of the Antalya coast acts like a magnet for swimming and snorkelling enthusiasts. Indeed, the plethora of diving areas is one single reason that many people holiday in Kaş and Kalkan. Most of our day trips and all of our voyages include at least one opportunity to go snorkelling. Don’t forget, we provide the equipment, a sea scooter and underwater camera. You can even enjoy a swim by moonlight on our Full Moon Tour.


  1. Walking and hiking


Among the many attractions in Kaş and Kalkan is the sheer, simple pleasure of walking. The climate, of course, makes any walk in the area a pleasure. However, all of our tours in Kaş and Kalkan include at least one great, walking opportunity. For example, our Kaş – Antalya voyage involves an evening and night in Finike; a town filled with orange groves. Another place you will want to walk around is Gemiler Adasi or Ships Island; a place we visit on our Kaş-Fethiye-Göcek Voyage.


  1. Exploring history


Going back in time is one of the things that you will want to do on a holiday in Kaş and Kalkan. The Antalya coast is steeped in history, being the site of the ancient Lycian culture, and all of our voyages include a tour of at least one historical sight. On day five of the Kaş–Fethiye-Göcek voyage, for example, we visit Tersane Island where you can view ancient shipyards among the Byzantine ruins.


  1. Eat great food


A holiday in Kaş and Kalkan should also mean a holiday from cooking. All of our boat voyages include three meals daily, prepared by an on-board chef and made of fresh and local ingredients. Most of our daily boat tours in Kaş and Kalkan include lunch and/or a repast of fruit and tea. Of course, many of the towns that we visit feature their own restaurants serving wonderful meals of local seafood.


  1. Hunting for treasure


Tell someone that you are going on a treasure hunt and they will most likely think you a bit crazy. However, while you are on Holiday in Kaş and Kalkan, you will have the opportunity to do just that. The Kaş – Kekova voyage includes a stop at Pineforest Bay, site of the infamous pirates cave. Swimmers will have the opportunity to explore this cave where, tradition has it, that pirates hid treasure and women.


  1. Tax-free shopping


If a search of the pirates’ cave fails to net any bounty, you may want to indulge in a spot of retail therapy. Among the attractions of Kaş and Kalkan is the opportunity to go tax-free shopping. The daily boat Kaş – Kastellorizo (Megisti) tour involves a trip to the Greek island of Kastellorizo. It is a tiny island, population about 400, with a shop where you can buy souvenirs or just take a good look around.


  1. Enjoy the night life


While on holiday in Kaş and Kalkan, you might want to embark on the Full Moon Tour, for one night. It is a beautiful trip and gives you the opportunity to go swimming by moonlight. Another attraction is that you decide when you want it to finish. Of course, nightlife also includes visiting one of the wonderful bars and restaurants that are among the attractions of Kaş and Kalkan.


  1. Sunbathing


Finally, we arrive at one of the most popular of all pastimes while on holiday in Kaş and Kalkan – lapping up the sun. With our coastline and islands, there is no shortage of stunning beaches – Cleopatra Bay, Kaputaş Beach and many more, upon which to enjoy this ever-popular holiday activity.




Step right up and take your pick of any or all of these attractions in Kaş and Kalkan.

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